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Equipping the Church for Mission!


M3 Ministries provides proven, practical formation, coaching, and events for Catholics and leaders at all levels designed to help you build parishes that make, mature, and mission (send out) disciples of Jesus Christ.

We aren’t here to sell a program or process. Rather, we organically equip parishes and dioceses with the tools and support needed to change culture and create missionary communities that bear fruit in the 21st century.


You don’t have to do this alone! We can help you:

Foster Evangelization

Sharing Jesus with others doesn’t have to be intimidating. M3 Ministries provides dioceses and parishes with training, formation, and support that allows “ordinary” Catholics to become effective evangelizers. We’ll even help you develop evangelizing leaders who can raise up other disciple makers in your community.

Engage Parishioners

Engagement is so much more than simply getting people involved in parish activities. We can help you create pastoral strategies that connect people wherever they are on the spiritual journey and accompany them on a growth path toward missionary discipleship. Want more active participation? We can help.

Increase Outreach

A community of disciples focused on mission takes seriously the social teachings of the Church and seeks to apply them locally and globally. As the number of disciples increases, so does parish outreach. We can assist you in building a parish culture of missionary discipleship that looks primarily outward rather than inward.

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What We Do



One-on-one and team coaching in person or via Skype/phone around evangelization, making disciples, leadership, and cultural transformation.



Evangelization and Formation events designed to deepen relationship with Christ and equip individuals and leaders to share Christ with others and build a culture of discipleship in their parishes.


Virtual Formation

High-quality webinars, video, and e-learning modules designed to take participants deeper into formation material so that they can apply it to their life and parish contexts.



Comprehensive accompaniment with a parish or diocese that combines all of our services for a designated period of time.

Changing Culture Is Hard!

Even the best tools, processes, and programs will only get you so far. Real lasting parish transformation occurs when we begin to intentionally live out the supernatural dimensions of life in Christ and combine that with solid leadership, clear strategy, commitment, and fruitful processes. This is the foundation of our approach at M3 Ministries.


We combine our deep understanding of evangelization, practical experience with leading and training organizations, and our concrete knowledge of making disciples with the power of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual riches given to the Church to raise up missionary leaders capable of nurturing and supporting a culture of mission and discipleship at the parish and diocesan level.

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What People Are Saying

“The priests were highly motivated and truly inspired to return to their parishes, re-energized to evangelize as faith-filled disciples in mission… you challenged us to be creative and hope-filled as we proclaim and live the New Evangelization.” Most Reverend Terry LaValley

Bishop of Ogdensburg

Your presentation opened up for us new avenues not only to deepen our commitment to discipleship but to encourage us and make us look forward to forming more disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ! Fr. Renato Bautista

Director of Formation, Immaculate Conception Seminary, Archdiocese of Newark

M3 Ministries worked with a small team from my parish to develop the foundations of an action plan to move the parish out of “maintenance” mode to a spirit of mission. Their materials for crafting vision and mission statements were incredibly helpful, as well as utilizing focused and practical tools to formulate a plan that was tailored for our parish situation. Coleen Frances

Director of Religious Education, St. John Neumann Catholic Parish

“Keith Strohm is a remarkably gifted, practicing evangelizer and speaker whose passion for Jesus Christ, His Church, and the New Evangelization will set your parish or conference on fire!” Sherry Weddell

Director, Catherine of Siena Institute

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