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“If the only time that people participate in the works of mercy is in the four walls of the parish, then we are not living our life as parish correctly!” —Kristin Bird

Episode Summary:

Deacon Keith, Executive Director of M3 Ministries, and Kristin Bird, Executive Director of Burning Hearts Disciples, and Rachel Espinoza, Director of Family Faith Formation & Evangelization for St. Clement Parish try to cut through the buzzwords and talk about what parish renewal really looks like? How can we tell if our parish is truly being renewed? How can we avoid dead ends and wasting our time?

Key Topics:                

Rachel’s Experience in Ministry and Parish Renewal (Timestamp 10:00)

Single Biggest Obstacle to Parish Renewal—Rachel’s Perception (22:40)

Brief Discussion on the Pastor’s Role in Parish Renewal (25:00)

What the Heck is Parish Renewal Anyway? (27:20)

Resources Mentioned

Alpha Missionary Leadership Academy

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