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“If we are honest . . . we don’t love people enough! —Rachel Espinoza

Episode Summary: Deacon Keith, Executive Director of M3 Ministries, and Kristin Bird, Executive Director of Burning Hearts Disciples, and Rachel Espinoza, Director of Family Faith Formation & Evangelization for St. Clement Parish explore the critical importance of “shallow entry points,” ways in which parishes can help those who are disconnected from Christ and His Church be introduced to Jesus and the Christian community in non-threatening and welcoming ways.

Key Topics:  

1000 Hours Outside Update (Timestamp 6:48)

Meeting People Where They are at as a Parish—Shallow Entry Points (10:21)

Shifting to a More Individualized Approach (16:40)

What Do Shallow Entry Points Look Like? Examples. (25:25)

Changing Perspective: Shallow Entry Points Shouldn’t All Be at the Parish (37:50)

Obstacles to Creating Shallow Entry Points for Parishes (42:20)

Breaking Through the Obstacles (48:55)

What are Some of the Fruits of Using a Shallow Entry Point (52:00)

Resources Mentioned

Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions:


Discovering Christ:

Following Christ:

Share Christ:

Missionary Leadership Academy

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