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“All of us are charged with that. It’s not a committee’s job; it’s not your pastor’s job. Everyone of us has to be a person of radical hospitality” —Jane Angha

Episode Summary:

In this episode Rachel, Kristin, and Deacon Keith explore the nature of radical hospitality with Jane Angha, Executive Director of Ministry Blueprints, an apostolate that works with parishes and dioceses to help them live and minister in a more hospitable way. Want to learn how your parish can embrace radical hospitality in practical ways? Then tune in!

Key Topics:                

How Jane Got Started Focusing on Radical Hospitality (Timestamp 9:20)

What Do We Need to Get Started on the Radical Hospitality? (14:09)

Why is Radical Hospitality Essential in Parish Life?  (16:45)

Growing a Heart for the Outsider (31:19)

Helping Parishes Get Through the Overwhelm in Starting (39:15)

Connecting Secular Best Practices of Hospitality to Jesus (52:18)

Resources Mentioned

Ministry Blueprints Missionary Leadership Academy

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Podcast Guest, Jane Angha

About Jane:

Jane lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and is the Director of Ministry Blueprints. Jane has mentored and trained youth and young adult leaders for 20 years. She has a bachelor of science in secondary education and religious studies from the University of Wisconsin, and a Master in Theology from St. Norbert College, DePere, Wisconsin. Jane has worked with non-profits, congregations, and dioceses to create new models of ministry and provide innovation workshops and processes to schools and faith communities. In her spare time, Jane loves to write hike, cook, and try out Pinterest DIY projects.

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