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All Change Must Pass Through the Door of Culture
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One-on-one and team coaching in person or via Skype/phone around evangelization, making disciples, leadership, and cultural transformation.
Evangelization and Formation events designed to deepen relationship with Christ and equip individuals and leaders to share Christ with others and build a culture of discipleship in their parishes and dioceses. transformation.
High-quality webinars, video, and e-learning modules designed to take participants deeper into formation material so that they can apply it to their life and parish contexts.
Comprehensive accompaniment with a parish or diocese that combines all of our services for a designated period of time.

“It’s easy to get a parish focused on a sprint, but cultural change and transformation is an ultra-marathon.”

Let us help!

Deacon Keith Strohm | M3 Ministries

5 Major Paradigm Shifts Necessary for renewal and transformation

Today, we have access to the highest number of incredibly fruitful programs and processes for proclamation of the Gospel and catechesis than we’ve ever had. However, individuals, leaders, and leadership teams often lack the practical experience and understanding of evangelization necessary to develop pastoral strategies that link these resources together and create a clear path toward renewal and a culture of missionary discipleship.

The reality is that changing culture isn’t easy, and in the work of parish renewal, there are no silver bullets! At M3 Ministries, we utilize formation that focuses on real-life application and can equip your leaders and community members for the extensive work ahead of them. In particular, we can accompany your parish or diocese through the 5 Major Paradigm Shifts Necessary for renewal and transformation:

1. From a Focus on Institutional Faith to Intentional Faith

Personal relationship with Christ in the midst of His Church is at the heart of renewal. We can equip parishioners to journey with others into discipleship and help leaders build structures and processes that move people from consumers of institutional “goods”  to committed disciples of Jesus Christ alive in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

2. From a Focus on Engagement to Encounter

There’s more to parish renewal than just getting people involved or active in the community. We can help your leadership start evaluating every facet of parish life–from parish registration, mass, sacramental preparation, outreach, and more–to see how well it fosters an encounter with Jesus Christ.

3. From a Focus on Maintenance to Mission

Parishes exist for the sake of the local communities within which they are placed, yet often our focus is almost entirely on the inner life of the community. Our formation can help leaders build strategic pastoral plans that move the parish toward a focus on missionary activity.

4. From a Focus on Programs to People

Many parishes rely on programming to do “the work” of disciple-making. The reality is, however, that programs don’t make disciples, people do. We can help your parish create a “game plan” that integrates fruitful programs with a clear personal process of accompaniment that forms your parishioners as missionary disciples.

5. From a Focus on Avoidance to Accountability

Poor communication, avoidance of conflict, team dysfunction–all of these things can slow down the pace of renewal and wound those who most want to serve the People of God. Using the best in organizational and leadership principles, we will help you commit to and create a healthy leadership structure that places accountability, solid communication, and integrity as its foundation.

“The priests were highly motivated and truly inspired to return to their parishes, re-energized to evangelize as faith-filled disciples in mission… you challenged us to be creative and hope-filled as we proclaim and live the New Evangelization.”

Most Reverend Terry LaValley Bishop Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY

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