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“We have to ask ourselves this question: Am I as passionate about this person’s spiritual fullness . . . as I am excited about what they can do in all these areas of ministry I am involving them in. —Rachel Espinoza

Episode Summary: Deacon Keith, Executive Director of M3 Ministries, and Kristin Bird, Executive Director of Burning Hearts Disciples, and Rachel Espinoza, Director of Family Faith Formation & Evangelization for St. Clement Parish talk about how to nurture the disciples that you have in the parish–especially in the early days of parish renewal when this small band of men and women get called on to handle a disproportionately large amount of the work necessary to move forward with renewal.

Key Topics:  

Visiting Othewr Parishes (Timestamp 6:30)

Introduction to Topic (10:21)

Critical Distinction Between Engaged Parishioners and Disciples (16:05)

Causes of Disciple Burnout (25:25)

Importance of Charism Discernment to Avoid Burnout (34:05)

Obstacles to Creating Shallow Entry Points for Parishes (42:20)

Examples of Leadership and Disciple Discernment (49:00)

Warning Signs of Burnout (58:29)

Investment and Accompaniment to Prevent and Deal with Burnout (61:09)

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Resources Mentioned

Signs of a Volunteer vs Signs of a Disciple

6 Principles of Discernment used by Kristin in her parish

Introduction to Charism Discernment

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