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“You are never going to fail if you do something that builds trust.” —Rachel Espinoza

Episode Summary: Deacon Keith, Executive Director of M3 Ministries, and Kristin Bird, Executive Director of Burning Hearts Disciples, and Rachel Espinoza, Editor and Liturgical Training Consultant at LTP, discuss how to help walk with others through the thresholds of pre-discipleship conversion. They explore each of the thresholds, discuss what folks at each threshold might need, and share some practical advice on how to help others move through these key moments in their journey toward an intentional relationship with Jesus.

Key Topics:  

Spring Sports in Wisconsin (Timestamp 1:14)

Introduction to the Pre-Discipleship Thresholds (6:19)

What are Thresholds? (11:30)

The Threshold of Trust (19:47)

The Threshold of Curiosity (38:12)

The Threshold of Openness (49:55)

The Threshold of Seeking (62:00)

Implications of Thresholds for Parish Life and Evangelization (73:00)

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Resources Mentioned*

I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus

1-Page Summary of the Thresholds (Archdiocese of Denver)

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